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Welcome CashRamTV viewers, welcome to the revolution!

There are three big secrets about television and I'm going to tell everybody what they are.

This is the first big secret.

Without the advertising there probably would not be any television worth watching. Good television is expensive to produce. The advertisers pay the station owners lots of money to produce programs that make people sit down to be entertained so when they are feeling entertained they will pay attention to the advertisements. Advertising is the most important sales tool there is and without it most of us would be unemployed. Unless someone is selling something then nobody is buying and if nobody is buying then no profit is made and unless there is profit there are no jobs. The more profit that is made the more jobs there are and the more jobs there are the bigger the profit for everyone. Television is there firstly for the advertising. The entertainment is there only so that we all watch the advertising. Nobody is going to continually entertain people unless they get paid to do so and at the moment in most countries the advertisers pay that bill. Television advertising is linked to capitalism and all capitalism is linked to freedom. Even the ads show us the freedom of choice we have to use our money to purchase the goods that we want to own. Capitalism/Profit, Freedom and Television are strongly interwoven.

The BBC and the ABC and other so called free television paid for by governments is paid for by taxes or the result from profit earned by everyone in that country, and not just the small band of actual viewers.

The second big secret is;

Television is the greatest form of control ever devised. It is the singular most important form of mass communication and control ever made and is used by most governments to shape the thoughts and actions of its peoples with or without them realizing it. The best word in the English language to describe this control is Propaganda. The control is very subtle is Capitalist countries, you hardly ever notice it at all. In dictatorships it is more obvious except to the people who are used to watching it so much that they just accept every thing they are told. In this instance television is the greatest obstacle to true freedom. So Communism/Socialism, Enslavement and Television are strongly interwoven.

So therefore there probably is a link between the most expensive television productions and Freedom.
Possibly the more profit involved the more Freedom there is available for the viewers.

And the third big secret is,

No government in the world wants Internet Television. First, because they have no control over content and second, at the moment they cannot collect taxes from another country. Governments exist by collecting taxes.
In many countries the Internet just by itself is seen as very dangerous. Chinese government officials have long been complaining that the Internet could destroy their system of society. But it is not the Internet that will do that, the Internet is just the vehicle that delivers ideas about Freedom. The love of Freedom will destroy all dictatorships everywhere eventually, hopefully. And probably Internet Television will be the key to unlock all those doors.


Welcome to the CashRamTV revolution!!

Very soon all CashRamSpam account holders will be able to just log in using their CashRamSpam ID and Password, select a country and city then choose one of the links there and sit back and watch.

This is a User Pays system. The local advertisers will pay you to watch the programs if they like your demographics that you posted in CashRamSpam's Green Pages. You should earn more if you are truthful and fill in as many questions as possible. Advertisers from another country will only rarely pay you to watch. The majority of paying advertisers will probably be your local tradesmen, butchers, bakers, car dealers, doctors etc. And they will be using 'target advertising' which is aimed at you the individual.

You must pay the TV channel owners what they want so you can legally watch the programs they produce. Don't forget, they are not getting paid by the advertisers so the viewer has to pay.
But the difference is now the viewer has control.